Pet Grooming

Oh my doggy is a renowned grooming salon with the most professional grooming and grooming equipment in the area.

We give every dog the love and attention it deserves by providing an unparalleled service at a reasonable price all that our pet may need. Veronica canine stylist with high formation attends of personalized form to our mascot. It has the best treatments and products, providing an experienced point of view on the different cuts of hair thus enhancing the natural beauty of each of our dear friends. Use scissors, machine, or combined technique, as required by each type of cut. In hygiene he uses products to treat skin conditions such as allergies, hydration or simply to enhance the natural shine of the hair, adding the dermatological solution of the veterinarian who recommends certain special products. A dog can be bathed as long as it is done correctly as required by its lifestyle. Bathing is good because hygiene is health, and health is beauty.


All Services Included

For any questions about specific breeds and prices do not hesitate to ask.

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